Our History

Since 1962, Planned Furniture Promotions, LLC has established itself as the prominent retail home furnishing promotional specialist, and with good reason. Over the past several decades we have conducted thousands of successful sale promotions helping retailers, like yourself, obtain your most valuable goals and objectives.

With our tremendous experience, vast resources, enormous buying power and intimate knowledge of the furniture industry, we stand poised to assist you in all aspects of generating increased sales and profits. Whatever your business needs, PFP can provide prompt specialized assistance, immediate financial relief and, most importantly, remarkable results!


Gene Rosenberg
Founder and Chairman of the Board

Since 1962, Gene Rosenberg led Planned Furniture Promotions. Today, PFP is recognized as the leading premier sale promotion company in the home furnishing industry. In October 2013, Mr. Rosenberg was inducted into the prestigious American Furniture Hall of Fame. Gene is certainly deserving of this rare honor. Nominees are required to have shown personal integrity throughout their career, made significant contributions to the industry and consideration is even given to their philanthropic efforts. Gene’s portrait will be included with the other members in the Walk of Fame, which can be experienced by visiting the first floor of the Plaza Building in High Point. In 1992, Gene founded Bob’s Discount Furniture, which is recognized as one of the most successful and fastest growing retail chains in the furniture industry. He also participates on the Board of Directors for numerous charitable organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hebrew Home and Hospital, Hartford Jewish Federation and Chabad House. Gene resides with his wife, Anja and family in Connecticut.


Paul Cohen
Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

With a background in the automobile industry and real estate development, and as a graduate of Wharton School of Business, Paul partnered with Gene Rosenberg in 1962. Managing corporate finance and developing operational systems and controls, he has successfully steered the course for over 40 years. Paul is an active contributor to Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, and presides over the Cohen Foundation Charitable Endowment.


Rob Rosenberg

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Rob grew up in the furniture industry. He is the grandson of industry icon and PFP co-owner, Gene Rosenberg. After graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Rob started with PFP as a warehouse worker, moved into store sales, and finally to event manager, where his success has been outstanding. Rob has conducted record breaking events for the company, not only in gross sales, but in profits and satisfaction for PFP clients. Rob has recently been promoted to President of PFP and lives in Connecticut with his Wife and Son.


Roy Hester
Sr. Vice President, Managing Director

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Being the third generation to work in his family’s retail furniture chain, Roy has over 36 years of experience in the home furnishings industry. Educated with degrees in Business Administration and Law, Roy applies his education and business experience to ensure your success. He has served in leadership roles for his church, the county school system, YMCA, Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club. Roy’s high level of experience has assisted many retailers in achieving their goals. Roy lives with his wife Peggy in Florida.


Tom Liddell
Sr. Vice President, Managing Director

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Tom Liddell’s experience is unique, serving in positions on both, the wholesale and retail sides of the furniture industry. Tom’s first position was in his family’s furniture stores, where he worked in a variety of positions, including marketing, sales and store management. Prior to joining PFP, Tom was a regional manager at Powell and ultimately worked his way up to Sr. VP of Sales, where he successfully managed over 70 sales team members and regional managers. He also held positions at Berkline, Catnapper and Craftmaster during his 28 year wholesale career. Tom is well known for his communication, marketing and computer skills. Tom has consulted with a number of Top 100 retailers on ecommerce and internet based marketing initiatives. His creative ideas have fueled many successful wholesale and retail promotions. Among other industry honors, he was the inaugural recipient of the Rudy award, presented by IHFRA. Tom lives in TN with his wife Cheri and has three children. He also served as president for a 7000 member youth soccer association as well as other church and civic leadership roles.


Ed Hendon
National Director Of Operations

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In his role, Hendon will work directly with the company’s Event Coordinators and office teams, improving training programs, merchandising, marketing and logistics. After 15-years as a Sr. Event Coordinator for PFP, Ed has a wealth of experience and an impressive track record of success for the clients we serve. As a third generation retailer, Ed began his furniture career in a family owned furniture store in Kentucky. As owner and operator of a 51-year-old business, Thurman’s Furniture, Ed made the decision to close his business and after extensive research, chose PFP to liquidate his store. After an extremely successful event, Ed joined PFP as an assistant manager and quickly worked his way into a position as an Event Coordinator. Notable liquidation events Ed conducted for PFP include, Gabbert’s of Texas, Mastercraft Interiors in the Washington DC area, Rhodes Furniture and Leath Furniture.


Angela Edwards
National Director of Development

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Angela has been a well-respected member of the furniture community for over 19 years. After graduating with a B.B.A in Marketing, she started her furniture career. Her two retail furniture stores in Georgia received awards for ranking in the top 5 in the nation in sales of Norwalk Furniture and her company the recipient of the Cornerstone Award in 2008. Angela’s experience includes the position of, Vice President of Sales for a promotional firm. Angela's strong retail background strengthens her ability to assist store owners with their high impact promotional needs and provides the knowledge and personal understanding of the process necessary for a successful event. Angela is former President of the Georgia Home Furnishings Association and still serves on the Board of Directors. She is a Rotarian and a Paul Harris Fellow. She also volunteers for the Neuro-Challenge Foundation, and serves on the Board of Directors for several organizations in Georgia and Florida.


David Cosenza, JR
Sr. Event Consultant

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David started with PFP as a very young man, working in the warehouse for his father, David Cosenza (DC), who has been an Event Coordinator with PFP for over 40 years and is still active and managing events. David Sr. is credited with mentoring and training hundreds of PFP team members over the years, so David Jr. literally grew up in the high-impact sales promotion business. David has served as a Sr. Event Coordinator, handling some of the largest high-impact sales events in the US, including Levitz, Stacks, Sofa Express, Phillips Furniture, Huffman-Koos, Kalin’s, Home Life, Roomstore and Leath Furniture. In addition to the experience at PFP, David held a senior role at Bob’s Discount Furniture (co-founded by PFP owner, Gene Rosenberg) as a Regional Manager over the New England area. In his role at Bob’s, he successfully managed training and developing new store growth for over six years. He’s a master at team building and virtually every client that he’s ever assisted appreciates David’s knowledge and work ethic. David lives with his wife and two sons in the Boston area.


JR Diffee
Sr. Business Consultant

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With an education and work experience in sales, marketing and insurance, JR Diffee joined his family’s business, Colony House Furniture in 1985. The business enjoyed exponential growth in the next 5 years and JR became president and a 3rd generation owner in 1991. Under his leadership, the store was recognized as one of the finest design-oriented retailers on the East Coast and was one of the top dealers nationally for Baker, Henredon, Henkel Harris, Hancock and Moore, Hickory Chair, Sherrill and others. In 2009, Colony House started getting offers for the prime real estate where the store was located in Arlington, Virginia. A hotel developer bought the site in 2011 and JR (and his family) decided to close the business. A very successful Going-Out-of-Business sale was conducted by PFP that concluded in early December 2011. PFP saw the opportunity to take advantage of JR’s upper middle to high-end experience and asked him to join their team. His goal is to consult with middle to high-end retailers on how high impact events can help rejuvenate, reinvent or exit their businesses profitably. JR was a Board of Director for the Arlington County Chamber of Commerce and is involved in the Leadership Arlington organization. JR enjoys hiking, cycling and playing golf and is a member of Congressional Country Club. He is married and has 4 kids.


Rick Duffey
West Coast Sales Manager

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Rick has over 30 years’ experience in the home furnishings industry after graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Marketing. He has worked in both the retail and wholesale side of the furniture industry. His 16 year retail experience started at vertically-integrated Krause’s Sofa Factory working as a salesperson, assistant manager, store manager, regional manager and eventually V.P. of Sales and Training growing the chain from 12 to 87 stores. Rick’s wholesale experience came as Sales Manager at Serta Mattress. During the last thirteen years he has been working in the auction division at PFP. Rick’s diverse background in retail and wholesale along with his experience at PFP give him the knowledge and experience to ensure profitability and success at your event.


Eric Rowles
National Accounts Manager

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Eric got his start in the home furniture industry in 1985 as a founding member of rug sales firm Patusan Trading Company.  In addition, he has served in executive positions with respected furniture Manufactures, L&JG Stickley and Hooker Furniture. Joining Planned Furniture Promotions in 2010 as National Accounts Manager, Rowles has helped numerous high-end furniture and rug retailers plan and execute successful high-impact sales. Eric is considered an expert in Oriental Rugs and has helped guide and develop successful rug galleries for top 100 furniture retailers Kittles in Indianapolis, and Gorman’s of Michigan.


Andrew Winans
Sr. Event Coordinator

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Andrew Winans often says he was born in the basement of a furniture store. Both his Grandfathers were furniture veterans. One ran the drapery department for Breuners Furniture for 30 years in Northern California, the other owned a furniture store for 20 years in the bay area. His father bought a store in Northern Nevada in the 70’s, and Andrew eventually became CEO of a 3 store operation there. He was an NHFA board member and belonged to two Buying groups for years, Furniture First and FMG. In 2005 when the Northern Nevada home furnishings market was rapidly changing, Winans decided to utilize PFP to handle a complete liquidation model to close its stores and focus on re-purposing his real-estate.
Since 2005 Winans has been consulting for PFP, and helping its customers maximize the recovery of their furniture store value through thoughtful liquidation planning. In addition, in the last 10 years, Winans was a partner in an upholstery factory in southern California which further enhanced his understanding into both a retail background and a manufacturing insight to uniquely maximize his strengths on both sides of the furniture equation.
Andrew also serves with his church rotationally, which serves 90 meals daily for homeless in the Whittier, Los Angeles area, when he is in town. Trying to lend a helping hand. Andrew Graduated Biola University in 1987 with a B.S. in Management and emphasis in Accounting.
Andrew has been happily married for over 30 years, with 4 great kids. He loves the furniture business, and is ready to help furniture retailers find solutions to all their needs.


Paul Avakian
Rug Program Director

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Paul grew up in the oriental rug business. His family’s rug importing firm, Avakian Brothers, Inc. was established in 1878 with offices in New York and Brussels, Belgium. He joined the firm directly out of college. In 1980 Paul struck out on his own and established a leased rug operation in eighteen Burdines stores located throughout Florida where he managed 63 sales team members. During that time Paul spent 13 years coaching both his son’s and daughter’s recreation league athletic teams. After a brief retirement Paul joined PFP as manager of rug events and rose to Director of Rug Programs. With 50 years of experience in the handmade rug industry Paul’s knowledge of high impact retail allows him to tailor rug operations to each individual event. He and his yellow Lab live in Hobe Sound, Florida near his son and grandchildren.

Our Administrative Team Leaders

Our Process: How PFP Does It
PFP offers a variety of approaches to successful sale promotions.

Myra Johnson
Director of Client Services

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Bobbie Savickas
Corporate Treasurer

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Evelyn Keene
Corporate Treasurer

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Patty Larivee
Administration Lead

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Jennifer Newell
Administration Lead

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