This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Tom Caulkins:

My name is Tom Caulkins. My wife Carolyn and I had Airport Furniture in Panama City for the past 17 years, and most recently retired. We're delighted that we selected Planned Furniture Promotions to be our partner in helping us go out of business. My wife Carolyn and I selected Planned Furniture Promotions. We did talk to several of their competitors, but were most comfortable when we met with Roy Hester and Tom Liddell, They led us down the path as to how it would work, what their responsibilities would be, what ours would be as owners.

We couldn't have been happier with the choice that we made. The sale was terrific. We actually did a years' worth of business in 60 selling days. That's as good as it can get as you're trying to go out the door. My wife Carolyn and I live in the community and one of our biggest concerns we have, is that we wanted to make sure that our reputation was not soiled or tarnished on the way out the door, and Planned Furniture Promotions and their team did an exquisite job, where everything came off smooth. We left the building with our heads high.

When we decided to use Planned Furniture Promotions, we had been in the same location for the last 14 years, and had built up some inventory that was dated. I mean to tell you that the manager they brought in, Paul Roy, had that place whipped into shape in less than six days. What took me 14 years to gather, he was able to, in short order, get it in the proper fashion, and get it in to retail condition. That was really beneficial for both of us.

Carolyn and myself, Tom Caulkins would wholeheartedly recommend Planned Furniture Promotions for anyone who is looking to get out of their business, cash sale, whatever your specific needs are. Ours was retirement, and it could not have been happier. They worked like it was their business, which was important and did a years worth of business in two months and delivered strong cash flow at the bottom. I just went to Tampa and bought my wife a new Mercedes.