This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Albert Mitrani:

This is Albert Mitrani. We own the furniture store called Mitrani At Home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. After being in the retail furniture business for about 12 years, because of financial and personal reasons, we've decided to close our store. We knew we couldn't do the store closing all on our own. We did not have enough staff. We did not interview many companies but we did talk to a few companies that helped stores close their businesses. The staff, the representatives at Plant Furniture Promotions gave us the confidence that they could do this in a good way for us. Especially our conversations with Angela, who had done a store closing herself a couple of years prior, gave us the confidence. She actually was a very good salesperson for Plant Furniture Promotions. I believe that store closing is a very dramatic and difficult event in any family's or business' process. One of the most important things for us, during the sale, was that every customer got treated as well as they were treated before the sale had started and I believe, overall, with PFP's help we were able to do that. Overall, looking back, I would say that there was no way we could have done it on our own and PFP was the right choice.

I don't think anybody else would have helped us in any better way. If there's a store out there that needs to close, I would say that they need help. They have to use professionals and PFP has proven that they can do this and with integrity and success.