This is a transcription of an audio testimonial. The question poised to PFP clients is: If another retailer
called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would you say?

Andrea Eller, Furniture World, Carpet One,two large stores in Pennsylvania.

My name is Andrea Eller, and I am the co‐owner with my sisters of a company that was started by my
father 53 years ago, doing business as Furniture World Carpet One. We have two locations: one in
Indiana, PA, and also another in Kittanning, PA, that are half an hour from each other. My lease was
coming due in the Kittanning location, and the past six months from January to June, although we were
holding our own through the recession…we were okay…it was a miracle, we were stronger than I
thought, and we took a lot of measures and worked really hard to keep the business afloat, but then in
the past 6 months, the first 6 months of 2013, sales were down another 20%, so something had to really
be done. So I started researching companies that held high‐impact sales. I didn’t know exactly what I
wanted to do or what to do, I just knew something had to be done. I thought about various things, and
the reason I chose Planned Furniture Promotions…I interviewed three or four different companies, and
the thing that impressed me the most, Tom Liddell of Planned Furniture Promotions. He just explained
things very simply and had the utmost confidence that they could handle anything, the company could
handle anything if something happened and employees didn’t want to stay, they could bring in other
employees, and they could stay there the entire time. Some companies say, “Oh, we can be there for
first two weeks,” and I just like the idea of somebody being there the entire time. And the strange thing
is, that I just felt so comfortable when they were there. It just is an amazing feeling that I could walk out
the door, and I knew that everything was being handled with great expertise. So, they were just
amazing. These folks from PFP work so hard. They put in so many hours. They were there from 7 or 8
in the morning and they stayed until after closing at 8 or so every night. Seven days a week, they had
staff there, and they just knew what to do. They had excellent bookkeeping, excellent control of
inventory, an amazing sales force, and also training for our sales force on how to answer people’s
questions about the sale and a variety of things.

Some of the special things they did, since times were bad, we sort of stopped putting this…we had to
always put a new flag up…my dad had this giant flagpole with a giant flag. He just loved it. It was just an
accomplishment. It was a dream come true, but it became expensive, because about every four to six
months you had to buy a new flag and it was just an added expense that we were trying to forego.
When PFP came in they bought a new flag for that flagpole, and it was just bittersweet, heartwarming
and bittersweet that they bought that flag. I was very happy about that.

The sale was very successful, and the amazing thing is, it was exactly what they thought it would be. It
was amazing. They were right on target with what the predicted outcome would be, so I am very happy
with the results.

One of the concerns that people have when they bring in a third party to run a sale, is how they’re going
to treat their customers, and our customers were treated so well, there was nothing but respect and
kindness and enthusiasm, and actually they were very accommodating…a few times a customer said,
you know this isn’t right or they don’t like something, and PFP handled it right away. They took back
something that somebody wasn’t happy with it. You know, even though it’s well‐advertised “ALL SALES
FINAL”, if somebody really wasn’t happy with something, they even handled that. You know when I was
watching people, they were just smiling, and happy, and enthusiastic. It was very nice. The people were
treated very, very nicely. There are no worries about your reputation in the community, because you
could open the store up again under the same name, and people would come rushing back in. I was
impressed with that. It was just more than I expected in that regard.

When I was researching the company, I think I called probably eight or ten people on a list that was
given to me by Tom Liddell. I think there were probably 15 companies on that list, and that didn’t even
include all the companies that were already on that website. So, I called lots of people, and had nothing
but positive answers. It was almost too good to be true, but I have to confirm, that they really are a
company I would recommend…the top of the list. They would be the people I would go with that you
would have no worries. Everything would be handled. You don’t even have to be there, and everything
will be taken care of, so, I couldn’t give a higher recommendation to anyone.