This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Anthony Petrarca:

My name is Anthony Petrarca, president and owner of Andor's TV and Furniture located at North Providence, Rhode Island. We've been in business for 56 years. We chose to close our business because of a lot of economic factors going on locally and regionally with the internet. It plays a huge, huge factor in our business. The big box stores were not able to compete with them. We just really grew weary of chasing our sales and feeding the business money. It was just time to say this is the end. We interviewed several different promotional companies to close our business. Some local, some weren't local. Planned Furniture Promotions attract us the most. Probably a lot was because of the history of the Rosenberg family. Just the way the executive flew out to meet us, and it was just a very warm welcoming feeling. It really made us feel at home. Whereas most of the other companies didn't give us that warm, fuzzy feeling. It was a pretty simple choice at the end of the day.

The [unintelligible 00:01:22] land quite smoothly. To be honest, we were very surprised. We thought there was going to be much more hiccups than there were. The sales staff, they were excellent for the most part. The manager of the event was great. What really made us feel good was they always did keep us in mind and the integrity of our company and the integrity of our customers. They really, really did a good job. It was a very profitable event. We were quite surprised with the outcome at the end of it. Overall, with a great feeling. The management and the executive always kept in touch with us to see how we were doing, how the event was going. If we were having any problems, did we need to make any changes. They really made us feel great. It was a good feeling, overall.

I would recommend PFP to anyone who is thinking about closing their business. It's really a terrible decision to have to make, but most often, it's a necessary decision to make. If you want the best experienced staffing, product knowledge, salesmanship, and overall looking out for your well-being, Planned Furniture Promotions is the best by none.