This is a transcription of an audio testimonial. The question poised to PFP clients is: If another
retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would
you say?

Billy Walker, Beds And Bedding Furniture

My name’s Billy Walker.  My wife, Janet, and I own Beds and Bedding.  We’ve been in business for 28
years in Macon, GA.  We were a retail mattress store, and we’d gotten to a point where we were ready
to do something different.  The marketplace had changed, and we just felt like there were some things
that we could do that would be more productive for us.  We knew that we needed to do a going‐out‐of‐
business sale.
We approached the internet to do some looking to see who would be the best people to help us with
that.  PFP looked like they had the best information about them, and great feedback from customers
who had made comments and so forth.  I talked to one of my reps that sold us mattresses, and he had
said that he had someone who had used PFP, and he thought they were very good.  I reached out to
them, and when I did, I found out that PFP actually had someone that I knew working for them as a
representative, Angela Edwards, who had actually had furniture retail store in Macon, GA, and I knew
her.  She immediately reached out to me, once I had made a contact to PFP, and set me at ease
immediately with how the business would be handled and how they did things.  It was through that
contact, through Angela, and through the internet information I had pulled down that I reached the
conclusion that my due diligence had led me to use PFP as the going‐out‐of‐business agent for what
Janet and I wanted to do with Beds and Bedding.
Well, we felt like PFP did the best job possible for us in the circumstance that we were in.  Our
marketplace had shown us that what we needed to do was to close the store, so it was a difficult market
to begin with.   PFP came in with expertise that immediately set us at ease with their knowledge about
the industry that we had.  The manager who came in to run the store for us during the going‐out‐of‐
business sale, Rick Turbyfield did a great job, and like I said, put us at ease immediately with his
knowledge and his personal experiences and the way he handled people.  He did a fantastic job of
interfacing with our customers, who are our neighbors and friends, and put them at ease, and kept us at
ease that they were being treated correctly and properly, and we just felt really good about the way that
whole thing went.
The results of the sale weren’t as fantastic as we had hoped that they would be, but listen, they were
great.  We felt like we did as well as we could have expected in the circumstances, and we are very
pleased that we did use PFP as our going‐out‐of‐business agent.  If we had to do that on our own, it
would have been a really tough row.  I don’t think we would have come out as well as we did.
We felt like everything from the start to finish with PFP was very professional, very well done.  People
were open and honest with us, so we felt like the flow of information was always very good, so we knew
what was going on and they knew what was going on with us.
In the end, I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking at a going‐out‐of‐business situation
or some sort of special promotion, especially if they’re doing it in a place where they live and where they
have friends and family who do business with them, PFP would be an excellent choice to do exactly that,
because as far as a special promotion or a going‐out‐of‐business sale, they did an excellent job for us,
and we felt very confident, very secure in using them, and very satisfied with the results.