Health Check

Please click on those that apply

 Do you have unfilled sold orders due to credit issues?
 Are your best sales people leaving?
 Are you borrowing from your tax accrual?
 Have you cut back (or stopped) advertising?
 Have you stopped attending furniture markets?
 Are you using personal credit cards for cash flow?
 Is your floor inventory thin?
 Are you switching to new vendors because you can get credit from them?
 Is your banking relationship deteriorating?
 Has a major retailer entered your market?
 Are you able to take (and enjoy) family vacations?
 Are you avoiding appointments with sales reps?
 Has your credit rating dropped, or are you receiving past due calls from creditors?
 Is your lease or mortgage current?
 Are you having trouble competing with the internet?
 Are you considering, or have you already borrowed, from high interest rate lenders?
 Have you put personal funds into the business recently?