This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Diana Sturgis:

My name is Diana Sturgis. My husband Robert Sturgis and I have been the owners and operators of Classic Oak Designs for the past 34 years. Our last location was 955 East Rand Road in Arlington Heights, Illinois. After 34 years it was time to do a closing sale. At this time, that is when we decided to bring in PFP to close our final store, and let us go out of business with respect.

My husband is a very thorough man, and he did a lot of research. We had been through a few other promotional type sales before coming upon PFP at which time he checked all their references, and did his background checks. They came out to have a meeting with us, talked to us. My husband felt very comfortable and we signed the contract with PFP with no regrets.

We met our manager of the sale Bob, and his assistant Ned in August when they came in. They were very thorough in explaining to us step by step each phase of the sale and how it would progress. They have been very open and honest with me as to how things are going along, what the next step would be. They knew that our desire was to go out with Classic Oak Designs' good name intact. Bob, his wife Jen, and Ned, and all of their staff have done everything they can to make this a very respectful sale. Our store was set up in a very nice way. The sales floor looked great. They continued to try to make everything sell, to revamp it and make it look good. I've had many compliments on how nice the store looks. They've been a wonderful team to work with.

I found the PFPs staff of people that they brought in to be very warm people to our customers, treated them with respect, took their time, and did their best in assisting them to get the sale to go. I would say that they paid just as good attention to someone that might have been looking at just a dresser, as they would someone looking at an entire bedroom suite. They did a very good selection process and if something didn't seem to fit for Bob, he would have no problem making a change.

I would have no hesitancy now or in the future to be available to give on the phone or by letter of recommendation of PFP. They have done a marvelous job. They have been respectful, and they are good people. Wholeheartedly, if I had another store, I would use them again.