Client List

This is a sampling of former clients. PFP conducts events from coast to coast.

A.A. Mooney

Absolutely Yours Interiors

Airport Furniture

Alden House Furniture

Alden House Furniture

Allendale Furniture

American Home

Johny Appleseed Farm

At Home Furniture

Arnold Furniture

Bakers Furniture

Bakers Furniture

Banner Furnishings

Bayside Furniture

Belpre Furniture

Best Design Furniture

Blue Heron Furnishings

Big Sandy Expression

Big Sandy Outlet

Bill Beliles Furniture

Blackfoot Furniture

Bobs Furniture

Breuners Furniture


California Home Furniture

Cannon Village Furniture

Carolina Furniture and Mattress

Carolina Furniture

Carroll-Ann Furniture

Caseys Furniture

Caseys Furniture

Cella Luxuria Furniture

Center Furniture

Colonial Heights Furniture

Chillicothe Furniture

Choice Leather Furniture

Circle K Furniture

Civilizzation Furniture

Clapp Bros Furniture

Classic Oak Furnishings

Classy Deco Furnishings

Colonial Furniture

Colony House

Comfort Furniture

Comfort Home Furnishings

Conway's home Furnishings

Crown Elite Bedrooms

D Furniture

Danley Furniture

Desava Furniture

Design Furniture

Design Galleria

DeWitt Furniture

Diamond Furniture

Dimitroff's Furniture

Direct Furniture

Drogens Home Furnishings

Di Siena Furniture and Design

Einstein Moomjy Furniture

Fabulous Furniture

Fainberg's Furniture

Farmhouse Furniture

Feldkamp's Furniture

Furniture Factory

Flatrock Furniture

Follett's Furniture

Foote Brothers Furniture

Fosdick Interiors

Frazier Furniture

Furniture Concept

Furniture Country

Furniture Liquidators

Furniture Showplace

Furniture Solution

Furniture Warehouse

Gabberts Furniture

Gabberts Design Studios

Galbraith's Furniture

Gearharts Furniture

Geiman Furniture

Georgetown Interiors

Goldberg's Furniture

Goldsteins Furniture Outlet

Goldsteins Furniture

Greenbaum Interiors

Greenbrier Furniture

Guynn Furniture

H & H in Havana

Harmon's Furniture

Herring Furniture

Hitchcock Furniture

Home Comfort Furniture

Hudson's Furniture

Huffman Koos Furniture

The Home Shoppe

Home Store and More

Impact Furniture

Imperial Furniture


J Sussan Interiors

Jalil's Rug Collection

JD Kinder's Furniture

Jesup Furniture


Kalins Furniture

KaLo, Ltd. Fine Furniture

Kay-Phillips Furniture

Kerr's Furniture

Kinder's Furniture

Kiefer's Furniture

JD Kinder's Furniture

Kinders Furniture

Klaussner Home Furnishings

Kordsmeier Company

Ktown Furniture

Lake Knoxville Furniture

Liberty Furniture and Design

Leader Furniture

Leaman Interiors

Leather & Wood Furniture

Lee's Home Furnishings

Leishman Interiors

Leishman's Fine Furniture


Lewis Furniture

Liberty Furniture

Light-Parker Furniture


Low Country Market Furniture

Lucas & Howard

Luxe Home Interiors

Mace Bros. Fine Furniture

Mahogany and More Furniture

Mason's Home Furnishings

Mastercraft Interiors

Mayo Furniture


McLean Furniture Gallery

Mecklenburg Furniture

Michael's Furniture Showplace

Mills Park Center Furniture

Mirza Rug Gallery

Mitrani At Home

Modern Furniture For Less

Modern Home Furniture Showroom

Modernage Furniture

Nashville Furniture Company

Nathan's Furniture Flagship Store


Nathan's SuperStore

National Furniture

Newman's Discount Furniture

New Jersey Decorating Exchange

Norwalk Furniture & Design



Phillips Furniture

Pieper's Furniture

Propper Brothers Furniture

Provencal Home

Raymond Rowe Furniture


Rhodes Furniture

Rhodes Furnishings

Rooms Direct

Room Store

Rose Brothers Furniture

Royal Furniture and Design

Samuels Furniture & Interiors


Sanders Furniture Company

Savvy Spaces

Seigerman's Fine Furniture

Smilin Sams Furniture

Sofa Express and more!

Sofas 'n more

Southend Trading Company

Spears Furniture

Stacks Furniture Outlet

Stephen's Furniture

Superior Furniture

Sussan Fine Furniture

Swann's Furniture & Design

The Factory Coop

The Furniture Gallery

The Furniture Company

The Home Shoppee

The Place Furniture

The Square Yard

The Wicker Gallery

Them Furniture Company

Thomas Furniture

Tipton's Furniture

Unclaimed Freight

Vermont Furniture

Wada King Interiors

Wayside Furniture House

Westside Foundry Home

Wholesale Furniture Co.

Wickes Furniture

Wickes Furniture

Williams Furniture & Design Center

Witt Furniture

Your Home by Goldsteins

Bachman Furniture

Carriage House

Deardens Furniture

Lexington Furniture

Northwest Bedding

Olsen Furniture

Rothman Furniture & Mattress

Royal Furniture

House Of Bedroom

Hutsons Fine Furniture

Hudson Furniture