David Gustavson: I'm David Gustavson, past president of Colonial Heights Furniture located in Lancaster, Ohio where we have been in business in the same location for 70+ years. The finances of the business had gotten pretty close, and it became a little uncomfortable. The market had changed pretty dramatically from a high-end furniture to popular price merchandise.

We had considered changing the core approach to business to considering carrying more promotional products, but we had decided that that was not who the store was. Rather than changing who the store was, completely that we would close the store doors and move on to something else. The reason that we chose PFP, Planned Furniture Promotions, we had interviewed multiple companies that provide a similar service to PFP.

In reality, we found that nobody really provided the exact same level of service as PFP. They brought vastly more resources to the table than any of the competitors that we had talked to. Once we had decided to go with Planned Furniture Promotions, every sale went exactly as it was laid out by Tom Liddell, who had met us in our house, in our kitchen and talked for at least five hours about how everything would work. Everything literally was as it was proposed.

PFP brought in managers, salespeople, delivery drivers, and they were a remarkably well-oiled machine. Everybody from the drivers, to the warehouse, to the salespeople, to the bookkeeping, everybody knew exactly what their job was. They performed without hand-holding. Honestly, [chuckles] I'd felt, if I had a team as good as the PFP team, I perhaps would've never have gone out of business. They were really remarkably good, surprisingly good. In every step of the way, my expectations had been exceeded. The impression in the community, which is a fairly small town, remained intact all the way through the sales. There was no point at which time people started questioning who Colonial Heights was. We thought like the exact same company that we had always been and our peers and our community felt well cared for.

Our existing customers felt cared for and felt it was a continuation of everything that they've already come to know about our company. In the community, there was nothing but respect and at no point did I have to hide my face. I was completely proud of what the operation was. Planned Furniture Promotions is the company that I completely would recommend to any retailer in our situation that wants to close the company and turn the page.

There were no surprises. There is nothing shocking, and there was nothing but good. The entire experience from literally the very, very beginning to the very last moment before the team rolled out of our store was as expected, [unintelligible 00:04:05] and beyond expectations. I would definitely recommend to any other retailer in a similar situation that PFP, Planned Furniture Promotions, is definitely the company to call.