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My name is Dan Leavitt and I own The Montage in Wisconsin, and I heard about PFP through one of the reps that I’ve been using for the last ten years. He said if I ever wanted to retire to get a hold of PFP and I’m so glad I did. The event coordinator was fantastic to work with. Throughout the three and a half, four months that he was around I became to call him a friend and I really came to respect him. 

PFP in the three and a half, four months that they were there, they tripled my volume. It was phenomenal. Just phenomenal. They exceeded expectations. Very transparent in all bookkeeping, all reporting. I knew where we were, what we did. Every week I would get reports. They were pretty detailed as far as sales, as far as cash, as far as anything dealing with the business. I don’t think we had seriously any customer complaints. I think they’ve treated everybody with respect and the sales crew that they brought in, in addition to ours, everybody pretty happy. 

I would definitely recommend PFP. I could have never, ever made as much money as I did with PFP and I didn’t have to work. I let PFP take over and it was a very delightful experience.