This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Dave Galbraith:

Hi, my name is Dave Galbraith. I have Galbraith's Furniture in Brookville, PA. Store has been in business since 1900. We've had it since 1963 in our family. We were approached to sell our building so we contacted or I contacted Planned Furniture Promotions. We contacted three different companies and did research on all three. That's how I came up with PFP. Through the sales-- through the process of the sale, the manager and his assistant we became friends. We hit it off very well, had a very similar take on how things wanted to be accomplished. It worked out very good.

Yes. His talk almost daily to the people that he brought in and our people was to protect the image and the name of the company that has been here so long. I've already had phone calls from other dealers we knew who few years down the road were going to be doing similar tales and they wanted to know how it went. I would definitely recommend PFP. We have never done this ourselves. They did a great job, I thought.