Planned Furniture Promotions Transcription for Dearden’s Furniture
8 store chain in the Las Angeles area.

PFP did not conduct a traditional liquidation here, but instead, assisted the
company in a straight/self liquidation. The company served the Hispanic
community for nearly 100 years and was a heavily credit-based business.
Ronnie Bensimon: Ronnie Bensimon with Dearden's. After many years, the
shareholders decided that it was time to close the business, so we talked to a couple
of people and were impressed with Planned Furniture Promotions and decided to use
them. The managers that they sent out to the stores were very helpful in helping us
organize the liquidation and did a good job of helping but staying out of the way also.

They really did do a great job of working with our people, working with our staff. They
were very respectful and helpful to help us liquidate the business. I found we can use
them as much as we wanted to use them or as little as we wanted to use, and they
were helpful in all cases.