This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Steve Goldstein:

Steve Goldstein. Goldsteins Furniture and Bedding. We have locations in Hermitage PA, Niles OH and Boardman OH. We've been in business, 106 years. We decided on Planned Furniture Promotions after we reviewed that several other companies and found out from several other resources that had used them that they were probably the best fit for this kind of events for what we're wanting to do. We used them at two different times. One time, they ran a highimpact event for five of our stores, and the other time we closed one of our locations that was a little higher end-store that we had. We were separating that store from our chain of stores and they worked at that company to do that. We had real big success for them both times.

Yes, they definitely met my expectations on both events that they ran with them. It's well-planned out. The staff was good. We got three things without too many hangups, honestly. I think, they did the best they could in protecting the reputation and brand of the store during both events that anyone could expect for another company to do with holding one of those events. It's not an easy task. Yes, I would definitely recommend Planned Furniture Promotions to anyone that was going to run a store closing event. They would definitely be the choice that I would recommend. One of those companies that do. There are several out there and I've talked to four or five. They're definitely the one to go with.