This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by….

Grant Riddle, Riddle Services, Inc., DBA Furniture Warehouse on “Road Redwood”, Salt Lake City, UT

The question poised to PFP clients is:  If another retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would you say?

My name is Grant Riddle.  I’m part of the family business here in Taylorsville, Utah.  Our store is Furniture Warehouse.  We’ve been well known for our tagline of Furniture Warehouse on Road Redwood (in Salt Lake City).  My dad started the company about thirty-six years ago.  He started it buying and selling used furniture.  It basically evolved over the years.  So about ten years ago we went from a little Mom and Pop store to a one hundred and thirty thousand square foot store where we were actually the largest furniture showroom in the state of Utah.

Things were going great all up until 2008 until somebody turned off the light switch, and the economy basically collapsed on us.  From March of 2008 to April of 2008, we had about an 80% decrease in sales.  So, we’ve been fighting the (fight) ….  for the last four years trying to survive, trying to cut back, and basically got an opportunity to get out of our obligations.  We took that opportunity.  As conversations evolved with Tom from PFP, we went from a store closing sale to realizing that we really needed to maximize our opportunity and do the unfortunate GOB to reach the obligations that basically had that we owned our bank and walk away with a clean slate.

One of the reasons that we called PFP was obviously to get rid of those obligations and walk away with a clean conscience and zero debt.  One of the main reasons we ended up going with them is because we shopped around and called a lot of people.  It was a long process.  We took a year basically to make the right decision.  We couldn’t be happier with our choice of PFP.

We’ve had experiences with other companies in the past.  We’ve seen how they’ve operated.  We’ve seen the employees that they’ve brought in, and comparing it with what PFP has done, I can’t even express in words the difference.  It’s a night and day difference.  That goes anywhere from Rob Rosenberg, our sales manager, who I can’t say enough of.  I really do feel a dear friendship and what he’s done for my family.  I don’t want to get too emotional here, but yeah, it’s been amazing.  The people they’ve brought in, even the employees from the warehouse to sales people, I’ve just been really impressed.  It’s always, “You alright?”, “You doing okay?”.  This is not an easy thing to do to shut down a store after thirty-six years.  I’ve been very, very impressed.  I’ve been doing this for thirty-six years and it’s hard to find good people.  It’s hard to find good sales people, good sales managers, and good warehouse people.  I haven’t been disappointed by any of their employees that they’ve brought to our store.

As far as protecting our name, they’ve done a great job.  One of the great things that for the first two months of the sale we had people come in the  store and just say, “You know, it was really nice to hear you guys on tv.”

My dad and I come out and just say thank you for the business.  They’ve done a great job.  Got to be honest, they’ve done a better job treating the customers with respect than even myself.  ……some emotional battles with some of these customers that want some ridiculous offers, I tend to lose my temper more than the employees of PFP.  I can’t say enough about the team that we had here.  We feel extremely lucky and blessed with the group that came in and ran our sale.

Would I recommend PFP?  That’s really not a question that needs to be asked.  There’s no question that I’d recommend them to a family member or a dear friend, let alone a stranger.