My name is Von Harting. My company name was Harting Furniture Gallery, North Manchester, Indiana. My family has been in business for 86 years – 52 of them was done by me. PFP came in and did a great job for me. Very professional and just outstanding people to work with. I worked with a guy by the name of Bob Broderick to help with advertising and I had tried to sell out to my nephew and that wasn’t going well. I mentioned to him that I was thinking about going out of business and he said well he had talked to Jerry Wise and Jerry Wise had said that Planned Furniture Promotions was a really good company. We had worked with them and talked to Roy Hester from Planned Furniture Promotions and Roy came up, no pressure but did just a great job. A couple of months later we got together with him and, as they say, the rest is history. I’m now retired.

PFP definitely met my expectations (unintelligible) over and above. I had no clue what we would do and they came in and basically took control. They had trucks, they came in, reloaded and took inventory. Just did an outstanding job. Very pleased with the outcome. Everybody treated me and as far as I could tell treated all my customers because that’s what I wanted, I didn’t want anybody high pressure. I didn’t want to be at the grocery store later and Mrs. Jones got a sour experience and to my knowledge that’s not happened. So, I had a great experience.

All the people that came in were just outstanding from PFP. Debbie and Matt Cura, Donnie, John and Rocking Rob and Don. They all did a truly great job. I think they treated my customers very well and treated them professionally. I was very happy with them.

Actually while the promotion was going on I had a couple of dealers call from around here. One of them was Ax Furniture in Kendalville and we talked to him about Planned Furniture Promotions. I told him about my great experience. Clay’s Carpet and Furniture over in Rochester, they were in and talked to them. And yeah, I would definitely recommend them to anybody that is needing a good promotion and great staff and they’ll do you a good job.