This is a transcription of an audio testimonial. The question poised to PFP clients is: If another retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would
you say?

Hugh Black, Black’s Furniture

My name is Hugh Black; I am third generation with Black’s Furniture City. My grandfather founded the Company in 1943. Our store is in an area that is extremely dependent employees of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Redstone Arsenal and also with Federal Employees at the Tennessee Valley Authority which would be the entity that furnished the area with its electricity. So it is an extremely gifted area of Federal Employees.

So what happened is, we were doing extremely well through 2008 and then in 2009 things changed. There was a new Presidential Administration. In April, 2010 NASA was severely cut back and that panicked my area because my area is heavily dependent upon NASA and so our business took a hit. It was beginning to recover and then in September 2011 all of the missile contracts in Huntsville, there were several hundred of them, were canceled. They received a cancellation on all of their contracts with the National Government and they were told there would be no new contracts and so that set the area into another panic. You could see our business going down by double digit percentages with each panic. Then in September 2011 the sequester was coming and 90 day notices were passed out at Redstone Arsenal for personnel there on the main base. They were told that they would not have a job after December 31 and that set the area into another panic. It wasn’t really a steady decline it was a series of sharp declines.

I knew about PFP, I had friends who had used them as early as 2000 and what really impressed my about PFP was that the people who you talked to that used them, liked them.. at least as much, if not better, after the sale was over and (they) were still bragging about them years later. So I knew about them from people who were my friends and who were very reputable in business and so I knew that if I was going to do a sale like this, I would turn to only one company. We talked to others, and none of the others were even impressive, they weren’t even impressive in their presentations.
PFP: we called them, they came in they told us what they could do and as it turned out they completely underestimated what they could do. They performed at a much higher level and the level they told us about in the first place, back in October or November of 2012, would have been outstanding and probably very acceptable, but they did much more than that.

All of the personnel would be described as more than competent. They were extremely well organized. John, who was our manager, was extremely organized on everything that he did. His advertising was just flawless. I’ll just put it this way; it was entertaining for me to watch them. I had the confidence in them before they started, but the confidence was increased with each level of sales. John was able to tell me up front what he hoped he could do margin wise, he outperformed. His prediction initially was way, way too modest. The best advertising I think would be word of mouth from customers and he left satisfied customers. I just saw one today by the way at lunch. A manager of a local restaurant in Huntsville Market and she told me that she made it over to the store during the sale and purchased an odd china cabinet and was very, very pleased with the quality of the price and also with the sales people. I heard that repeatedly from people, from all over north Alabama, during this sale that they were very pleased with the merchandise. Very pleased with the sales force, so you couldn’t help but be impressed.
I highly recommend Planned Furniture Promotions, to do a cash raising sale or a going out of business sale for any retail furniture store. They are by far the best. They were able to produce more money for the store, more cash for the store, in their first check that I had been promised by any of the others and beyond that we received a weekly cash flow and we had a good check at the end of the sale. It was a sale that allowed me to pay off all of my debts with the exception of the …. . mortgage but even there it left us in a very good position to maintain the store and the property until we can either sell it or lease it.