This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by….

Jack Redmond, Furniture Sales Representative, vendor to Planned Furniture Promotions (PFP).

The question poised to Jack was:  If a retailer called you to ask about what you think about Planned Furniture Promotions, what would you say?

My name is Jack Redmond.  I had Redmond’s Furniture Company Retail Store in Southern California, and I was a successful retail operator.  So, I feel I know the retail business.  That helps me in the business I’m in today, which is a wholesale business.  When I went into the wholesale end of the business, that’s when I met Gene Rosenberg.  When I looked at what he was doing and I told him what I knew, he was surprised.  He said, “You’re one of the few furniture reps that understand we are doing.”  Well the reason I understood is I had run a successful retail business.  I knew the right way and the wrong way.  Gene was doing everything the right way, and I admired it.  I knew that he could do a fine job, just from what I’d looked at, and he had the men that were the top men in the business (and he still does).  So, I found him a couple of very fine retailers that were looking to close their business and wanted to be able to stay in their hometown, and that they didn’t do anything wrong in closing or operating a sale and that he can trust these people, and they know what he needs, and they know what the customer expects, and they know that when they get through with the sale, the owner has to be able to feel that he can walk with his head held high.  That’s the biggest thing.