This is a transcription of an audio testimonial.  The question poised to PFP clients is:  If another retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would you say?

Joan King, Black’s Furniture City, Arab, AL

My name is Joan King.  My family has had Black’s Furniture City located in Arab Alabama for the last 69 and ½ years.  My husband’s health started to fail in 2004 and he retired from the business and then I went full time probably around 2007 and ………….  My brother was managing the store and his health began to fail about 2008 or 2009 and the economy started to fail at the same time, so it really didn’t affect our area so much until maybe 2010 but then with our failing health and we were getting older and the economy being what it was at that time we decided we might want to just phase the business out and go out of business.

My brother had a close friend in the 1990’s that used PFP and recommended the Company very highly to us.  We had looked into a few other Companies but then kept going back to them because we knew of other furniture stores that had used them to go out of business and so that’s why we approached them and we’re very, very happy that we did.

We met with the first team of Tom Liddell and we were very pleased with what they had to tell us and then we were expectant and anxious to meet the team that was going to manage and run the sale.  So when we met them we were just very impressed and they assured us from the very beginning that they would work very closely with us and keep us updated weekly and even day by day as to what the sales were and any needs or input we might have. They were great with us, they kept us informed completely we were so impressed with the sales team people that came from California, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.  They were just immediately, felt like we had known them along time and it was just very easy to work with them.  Our son even worked on the weekends with them and he came home and would tell us how professional just they met all of our expectations we were just very, very pleased with them. The sale was a complete success. We were very pleased with the sales team, the warehouse team, the delivery, the management.

Our Managers name was Jon Preston he was so professional.  Talked to us on a daily and weekly basis kept us up to date and we were just very pleased with the success of the sale. Before we started this sale one of our concerns was that we not only live in this city, but we lived in this City all our lives and our children live in this City and we were concerned about our reputation and everything just met our expectations of the sale.  We had numerous friends and acquaintances tell us how friendly the sales team was when they would go to the store and how pleased they were with the professional way they that everything went off and they were just treated so well so I just am very pleased not only with the sale amount but with the way people were treated in our local town if we were going to continue live here. I highly recommend PFP to anyone in the furniture business that is considering a promotional sale or perhaps going out of business sale. They will represent you like it is their own company and they will protect your reputation with your community and your friends and neighbors.  I want to thank them for the way they conducted our sale and for the way they treated all of our customers.  We were highly pleased and I would recommend PFP to anyone that’s considering a sale.