This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by….

Joe Eden, Carolina Factory Outlet.

The question poised to Arthur was:  If another retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist you, what would you say?

My name is Joe Eden. My business was Carolina Factory Outlet in Hudson, Florida and we opened in October of 2003.

It was strictly a comfort level. I checked with several different promoters and the sales rep all the way down to the management team at PFP was just great and made me feel very comfortable.

PFP exceeded my expectations. It was from start to finish it was just an unreal experience. Everybody did not just what they said they would do but more than what they said they would do.

The management team that came in, they did a fantastic job. They interviewed and kept most of our employees on, which we really appreciated. Gave them some time to find another job. They treated me excellent. It was just an overall good experience.

Absolutely I would recommend Planned Furniture Promotions. I’d be willing to talk to anybody that was thinking about using y’all and just telling them my whole experience. You guys were awesome. The sales team was awesome. The team that came in to manage was awesome. I enjoyed working with everybody. I’m at a loss how good it went.