This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Joe Gole:

My name is Joe Gole. I'm calling from Cary, North Carolina. I've been in business with Goles Furniture Company for over 25 years. The location we closed, we've been in this location for 14 years. The reason why we were closing the store: we were quite successful in all 14 years at this location, the owner of the property who we rent it from for the last 14 years was supposedly a friend. However, he showed up one Monday morning and said that he sold the property and he wanted us out between 30 to 60 days. That was the first time we heard about even thinking about closing the location. What we did immediately was tell him 30 days was never going to happen, so we ended up with a 60-day period of time to work with and that's what we had to live with. I immediately knew some people in our industry which is one of my major suppliers of liquor and we decided to contact this gentleman and find out if he knew who was the most reputable in the industry for liquidations that had to be done in a quick and orderly manner. He came up with Roy Hester's name with PFP and from that point on, we contacted Roy and he came in a few days later and we discussed the problems we had with the shortness of time and we worked out a program that was beneficial to both of us. Within hours of his arrival, we start planning and we were able to really start everything. We hit the ground running. It was one of those deals with John who was the branch manager. He was understanding. He told me what he liked. I told him that he was the expert in closures of this type, but we discussed all the opportunities that we had and we came up with a program which ended up there. When we finished the program at 20, we were out there by October 28th, which is one day early, and everything was a good success. We sold our products and stuff without giving away. We still made a profit even though we had to reduce the prices. As far as expectations, everything was as good as it could possibly be. We could have used more time but what we did, it was far more than I expected. As I said before, with my years of experience, 25 years in the furniture business, I couldn't have done anything more myself. I best realized that with John at my side. We were able to accomplish things that no one person could do by himself. Everything was done according to what we had planned on doing and the fact was we were like I said, we were out on time and everything was done. We were happy with the results. Everything was done with the professionalism that we were known for. We were high-end furniture, therefore our customers were demanding, but they were willing to pay for something that was worth their money. As a result, we did not come off of that premise of ourselves, that you get more than your money is worth and hopefully, we did everything that made the customer happy even to ourselves. Since we've been in business, we had over 15,000 customers. Like I said, we do not sacrifice anything with the sale. 

Finally, I'd like to thank PFP for their professionalism and coming in to help us at a very sad time in our life since we were going out of something we put our heart and soul in for the last 25 years. The way they handled things, it was perfect. From Roy to John to Debra, everybody did everything they could to make our life easier and plus the fact I could have not done it without them, but most important, if I had to do it all over again, I would certainly make sure I use PFP and anybody who's in a situation like we're in, they should give them their first shot.