Joel McLeod: Hey, my name is Joel McLeod and I'm the owner of The Touch of Wood in Dothan, Alabama. My wife and I have owned the business for 17 years. We used PFP to run a GOB sale for us when my wife and I decided to retire. I've just recently turned 62 and somebody came in and offered us a good price for our property. We used PFP to liquidate our furniture.

The reason that I chose PFP was because Angela Edwards, who's a VP, was a very good friend of mine and she came in and we talked and it turned out to be the right thing for us to do. PFP more than met my expectations for the sale. We were able to get all our money for the inventory. Also, as far as the management group goes that came in and helped us with our sale, I would love to have had them on my payroll for the last 17 years as well as the sales force. They were great. They did a good job.

PFP treated my customers just like I would have. I still see these people in the grocery store and they're still good friends. Everything turned out very well with the sale. Very few baubles. The management group with the sale is as good as I could've expected and it just turned out to be a real good sale force.

I would highly recommend PFP to do promotions. Thank you for a great job.