This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Owen Gilmore:

My name is Owen Gilmore. I am the CEO of Johnny Appleseed Farm. We're located about 25 miles south of Syracuse, New York. We have been in business for 30 years; 18,000-square-foot furniture retail store, catering to more upper-end business. I've been in and out of my business and my partner, my brother, after seven years found it difficult to run the business by himself. That coupled with the financial setbacks recession in '07 and '08 made us decide to hang it up. We did some research and found Planned Furniture Promotions, actually through one of my brother's, director of marketing for CR Laine Furniture. They dealt with PFP previously with other stores and seeing them in operation and highly recommended it. After making a few phone calls and did some research, we decided to go with PFP. They seemed to be one of the leaders in this segment of the retail industry.

The sale went probably better than I expected. We had hoped to successfully represent who we were and not have that compromised in this sale. We're going out of business-- It's a business that we started by my father and mother. We had feelings about it and we didn't want to be represented in a bad way. When you do this and you've never done this type of thing before, or never, I had heard about GOB companies didn't have a good reputation. We were a bit skeptical going in. I must say that it turned out much better than I would've ever expected. I just felt they listened to who we were and understood that and figured out ways to communicate that in the commingle strategies and their capabilities with who we were and just sort of optimize the results. I think it worked really well. I really can't say anything bad about it. From the beginning, the manager they brought in to run the sale or to manage the store during the sale, worked well with my brother who was there pretty much every day. He showed a deep understanding of the type of customer that we serviced.

I think that left us, since we went out of business, in good standing with the customer base and respected like we would want to be looked at as a business. I think we all felt pretty good about that. Overall looking back at the sale, it was very successful on a lot of levels. We looked for financial success and that was there.

I'd recommend PFP, really, because I think they adjust to the market you're in. They adjust to the type of business that you are. They handle that whole sensitivity really well. For that, I'd really recommend them.