This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Keith McCollum:

Hello, my name is Keith McCollum. With a growing family, I decided to step out of the retail industry and after doing a little bit of research and talking to friends in the industry, I decided to go with Planned Furniture Promotions, PFP. I met with Tom Liddell and he made me very comfortable with what it would take to actually close my store. After going through the details and looking at other options out there I decided to go with PFP for a number of reasons.

One of which they were very upfront with how the sale would run and they followed through with everything that they presented to me. After going through the process I was very, very pleased with the support they had given me. It was almost as if they were part of my team and everything went very smoothly. I was extremely happy with the process.

One thing I was extremely happy with was how they represented by brand and my name. I worked very hard over the 14 years I've been in the industry to develop a strong customer base. I was extremely happy with the reputation I left Modern Home with and my community. I have a number of friends in the industry and if they are ever in a situation for personal reasons or for business reasons, I definitely will recommend PFP. PFP was very knowledgeable, they had a large number of resources that allowed us to be successful in the sale that we went through.