My name is Hugh James. I’m with Lexington Furniture Company in Lexington, Kentucky. I decided that I was going to sell my building, which I did, and downsize my business. So this was not a going out of business sale. This was a store closing sale. A friend of mine in Louisville had closed his store and gone out of business and he recommended PFP, and we were friends and he was very well pleased with the performance of PFP. 

My experience with PFP was very good. They are professional, well organized and probably the hardest working group of people that I’ve been associated with in my 43 years of being in business. The manager of PFP actually finished vacuuming the floor, my carpets today, himself. So he’s just really a top flight organized manager. Everybody from top to bottom worked extremely hard. They were all knowledgeable, professional, very personable. The sales staff was terrific. The support staff we had two ladies, they were right on point, very detail oriented, very organized. The delivery process went excellent. Everything from the warehouse delivery, sales, support, the manager, everything was just worked in tandem together. Couldn’t have been any better. 

I would definitely recommend PFP. It’s been a good experience for me.