This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Michael Rogoff:

Hello, this is Micheal Rogoff. I'm in Cleveland Ohio. I've had Metro Home for almost 30 years. We have a few stores. One of the stores we wanted to close was our larger store. After investigating many companies, we chose PFP. It always had a great reputation. They came in and assessed the situation and our inventory, they came up the best proposal for us. PFP immediately responded to our needs. They were there the next day, they set up a game plan, sent the manager out there that was to run the sale. They have the hardest working people that I had ever seen running a sale. They did a wonderful job and met all the expectations.

Planned Furniture Promotions did everything they said they would do. The most important thing is they got rid of every piece of inventory that we had in the store, four model, old inventory, whatever we had. I would highly recommend them over any other GOP company or going out a business company I should say, or any kind of sale.