This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by….

Nicole Hilton, COO, Riddle Services, Inc., DBA Furniture Warehouse on “Road Redwood”, Salt Lake City, UT

The question poised to PFP clients is:  If another retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would they say?

My name is Nicole Hilton.  I am COO of the Furniture Warehouse in Taylorsville, Utah, a family business that has been open for thirty-seven years.  Recently due to road construction and the downturn of the economy we decided to close our location and interviewed five different companies to come and handle that project.  Over a period of fourteen months, the only company that we felt comfortable with was PFP through Tom Liddell.  We went ahead and decided to move forward with that as we have signed the contract and gone through the phases, not only has everything that Tom promised or sold us as a feature that PFP provided been fulfilled 100%, but they definitely also exceeded our expectations.

We’re in the final stages, the last six days of the sale, and everyday has been a pleasure…from the sales crew to the TO’s, the accounting department, especially the manager.  Rob Rosenberg has done a wonderful job and made this experience a pleasurable one.  We would definitely refer anyone and have referred everyone in my area in our buying group and those that are affiliated with the furniture industry that I’m friends.  If they ever decide to close their stores they should definitely call PFP.

I’m very grateful for the professionalism and how everything has been handled from start to finish.  I’m very grateful that the experience has been positive and also a learning experience…learning different ways of being in the furniture industry and doing things has been educational as well.

One of the best features that the salesman who were brought on our sales floor had was not only their professionalism with the customers, but the way that they handled our name talking to customers and the respect, so that we were able to go out not only with the reputation we had, but even in the last five or six months of the sale, every customer that came in during our going out of business sale was handled with the same family, warmth, consideration, community environment that we’ve had for the last thirty-seven years.  Each salesperson that has been on the floor has brought that feeling every single day.  There hasn’t been a day that I have been disappointed or regretted or embarrassed that we were running the sale.  In fact I think they even went above and beyond, and did more than even I would have done just to protect the name and our reputation as a family in the local community.  I’m very grateful for that.