This is a transcription of an audio testimonial. The question poised to PFP clients is: If another retailer called you to ask about what Planned Furniture Promotions did to assist them, what would
you say?

Ralph Sproulle, Classic Home Furnishings

Hi my name is Ralph Sproulle. The Company is Classic Home Furnishings in Marietta, Georgia and we are just shy of 40 years of business. I was turning 65 in April, a couple of months ago now and with the economy and things going the way they were,…. we certainly doing business and doing well and it just seemed like a good time for me to not to get into another 5 year lease.

After a lot of research I chose Planned Furniture Promotions. I knew Angela (Edwards) who works for them and from other people and what they told me, it seemed like and especially for a little bit of a higher end store, that we are that it was the Company to go with. That is what we chose to do and we were very happy with that choice. We were happy with Planned Furniture Promotions. They brought in of course their own people, their own office manager; they funded our entire inventory and ran the sale. They did an excellent job with advertising, TV, newspaper and all of that. They brought in their own office manager, store manager which took most of the pressure off of me and it was a very successful sale. We are in a real high end of Cobb County and it made it work really well.

They did meet my expectations very much so. In any kind of sale like that there are a couple of rough spots here and there. They came through and did what they said they would do in every way and so we were very happy with it and it was a definitely a successful sale.

We are in…. East Cobb Georgia and it is a very high end area and the Shopping Center people which is ### which is …. by retail Planning Board were concerned about running a going out of business/retirement sale and consequently, we worked with them a lot through their Attorneys and make sure that it was a sale we could all be proud of and in the end all of our customers came to see us, they wished us well on our retirement and it ended great.

All the customers I see now because I am still in the area are very happy for us so it couldn’t have turned out much better to run the kind of sale we did and generate the money that we needed to. Their people fell right in and seemed like they kind of been there for a long, long time not just an odd …. people stuck in there.

I would definitely recommend Planned Furniture Promotions to someone else looking into doing a going out of business sale, retirement sale or even just a sale to generate cash flow. They really came through, there very professional in all of their approaches and everything was handled in a really first class manner. So we were very happy with it and would highly recommend them.