This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Jay Steinback:

Jay Steinback president and CEO of Art Van Furniture in St. Louis, formerly Rockman Furniture Stores Incorporated. When I began to look at the shuttering of a 90-year brand with seven stores in the St Louis area, we interviewed multiple liquidation companies and judged them based on history, inventory availability, staffing availability, and just overall experience and resources. PFP was the clear leader in this field having had experience doing multiple store liquidations, many times over the past few decades and was able to show clear success rates and statistics to prove how they would be able to generate more revenue for us.

I would say during the sale it was just very nice when issues come up and there's always issues, there's always problems, there's always things that you don't anticipate for that will happen during a liquidation sale, and having a resource like PFP that was able to A, have gone through it before, and B had the resources to fill in any gaps or issues that there were quickly and easily. PFP was fantastic to work with.

They certainly were very respectful of existing staff, they were very forthcoming with me about the challenges that we would be facing during the coming months, and what I would do, what was needed to protect a legacy and have it quietly shuttered stores, and acquiring very elaborate shuttered stores, while at the same time preserving all the good faith we've created in the community.

As president and CEO of a multi-store chain dealing with numerous issues having PFP on my team during a very stressful liquidation construction period was absolutely fantastic. Tom Liddell and team were always available when needed. People on site in our stores as promised and inventory flowing as needed. That's exactly what you want is maximizing your sales during one of the best sales you'll ever do, as well as your last sale that you'll ever do.