This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Mike Tricou:

Mike Tricou with Royal Furniture, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Royal Furniture was in business for 71 years. I chose PFP for several reasons. One, I talked to other people in the industry and there was really no negative reports about PFP. I saw that they were listed in Furniture Today. They came and met with me. I felt that they were straight shooters. They went ahead and gave me all the rundown of their company, how long they've been in business, what they could do for me.

Then also, there was a furniture store here in Baton Rouge that had used PFP several years before. They gave very high regards for PFP. PFP met my expectations with giving me the amount of sales that we had discussed. They came in, they did the mockups of the furniture. I did not have to go ahead and do any of the actual work. I was in a supervisory position. They did come back and talk to me and asked me about some of my customers and some of my ways to do it. They kept me involved in the everyday dealings of the sale.

I didn't have customers calling me during the day and trying to tell me that they have been ripped off or they had bad experience with Royal Furniture and PFP. The sale was a success. They cleaned out my store with no furniture left, and that I had very few, if any, negative reports to my customers. I would go ahead and recommend PFP to other people in furniture business. The thing about when you're going out of business is that you have to let them go ahead and do what they do and know how to do it.

It's a totally different way of doing business. It's high-impact promotions. The cost is- it's very hard to do this but returns could go ahead and reap you the kind of benefits that you are looking for. Plus, also, to (sell) (all of) the merchandise and broom clean your store. If I could show you my furniture store right now that I'm sitting in, it is bare walls. I have no furniture whatsoever with good results. I would recommend PFP.