This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Ron:

Yes, this is Ron Duncan with Tupelo Furniture Gallery in Mobile, Alabama. We've been open under Tupelo Furniture Gallery for about nine years. One of the reasons why I chose planned furniture promotions, I've known Roy Hester for many years, just never had the opportunity to do any business with him. Everybody that I ever talked to that knew him, recommended him highly, which I trusted him anyway, seemed like a great guy and he really is. He gets the job done, that's the reason why I chose planned furniture promotion. Right now, the sale is over. I got to tell you, I'm glad I chose him. It was the right decision for me at that time.

What was going on at the store, is everything was mediocre. We were doing okay, but the mattress business is really growing. I wanted to get-- actually turn the store into a mattress store. I had to get rid of this furniture, which is tricky when you do it like that. Anyway, Lloyd and him come in at 850 tops, it didn't hurt my name, nobody got upset, we didn't have any problems, we didn't have to call the militia, nobody called the militia on us, [laughs] everything went great. It was just exactly as me and Roy, we discussed on a handshake. Man, the next thing I knew, they were down there, we filled out the paperwork, and got it done.

Man, it was just smooth as silk, I'm not kidding you. It was just great. I got the numbers that I need it, got more marks than I thought I ever would, got rid of the product I needed to get rid of, and the store reopened two days after Roy and planned furniture promotions was finished because I had everything lined up. I had new signs to go up and everything, everybody's sitting on ready, rocking on go. It worked just that away. It was absolutely-- hey, it was just fine. It was great.

I really made the right decision with them-- planned furniture promotion, that is, and Roy Hester. In the future, if they-- would I refer Lloyd Hester as planned furniture promotions? I tell you what, I would be scared to use anybody else, I really would. I don't know a lot about anybody else, I'm not putting them down, I'm just saying that these guys did what they said they would do and even more. When someone does that, you don't shop around, you take advantage of it. This is Ron Duncan signing off.