This is a transcription of an audio testimonial given by Kent Thompson:

My name is Kent Thompson. I’ve been in the furniture business here in Pearl Mississippi as Unclaimed Freight Incorporated since 1972. Since 2007, our business began to suffer with all of the downturn in the economy. We updated our logo, changed our name around a little bit, Unclaimed Freight to Furniture Showplace by Unclaimed Freight seeking to turn things around. 
We were not successful and after the first quarter of this year, being 2014, being extremely disappointing, I knew that I had to seek out somebody that could help us with liquidating my assets. I interviewed several different firms and settled on Planned Furniture Promotions due to the fact that I felt they were the best equipped and the most experienced group to lead me into a situation that I’ve never been in all of my business career. They instilled in me a good bit of confidence that they knew what they were doing. 
When they took over about the middle of May, we began to work on the sale. The sale ran extremely well. It was well run and well ordered. It was a difficult time of year. Like any other sale of the furniture business, you always wish you'd done more business, but we had a very good sale. It was a profitable sale. I was particularly impressed with the young man who was the manager, Ed Hendon who had been recommended for this sale by Tom and Roy when I’ve spoken with them initially. 
He was a working machine, did a wonderful job, stayed on top of things, was concerned about profits which behooves us both. I'm extremely pleased with what took place. I don't have any complaints about PFP. I’m very pleased with our relationship. They always did exactly what they said they would do and continue to do that and have a good relationship with them. I would highly recommend them to anybody who is considering this kind of life changing event. 
One thing I would mention that is extremely important to me was maintaining our integrity. We've sought diligently over the years since 1972 to deal honestly and upfront with customers, and, of course, I'd heard plenty of horror stories about GOB outfits, and I was beyond pleasantly surprised. I was very, very satisfied and even more than satisfied with the way business was done, the way customers were treated.
The fact of the matter is it did something for customers that I probably never would have done. I was very, very grateful for that and I think the sale was ran in an upright honest with an extreme measure of integrity. I have no complaints from that area and I think if there's anybody out there thinking about the GOP and you're concerned about that, these are the people to do business with.