David Lewis: My name is David Lewis, company is West Side Foundry, 13 years in business in Atlanta, Georgia. Initially we interviewed probably four different companies. PFP became the mainstay of what everybody was telling us could probably help us do our GOB. Even some of the competition actually recommended PFP. We interviewed and the interview went well, they were well-versed in what we needed and we moved in that direction.

With PFP, during the sale they hit the mark that we thought we would do. It basically solved the big problem with my business partner and myself after 13 years of being in business to where we wanted to take the business out and liquidate a lot of merchandise and cash out as much as we could, PFP did that for us.

PFP did help us with a lot of our special orders in terms of making sure that that customer was helped even though we were doing the GOB and the word was out that we were getting ready to do a GOB. Customers were called, produc twas delivered to the customer. We didn't leave any customer base with a bad taste in their mouth. They've done this so many times, it was kind of old hat to them. That was appreciated by my partner and myself.

I would definitely recommend PFP to somebody who has the need to go out of business or the need for a special sale just for the sole fact that they handle it from A to Z. They were definitely helpful in initially putting in capital that paid some of the vendors that needed to be paid. This in turn basically helped us solve a lot of our problems at that point in time.

I'd like to thank PFP for helping and my business partner and myself go through a traumatic time, making it a little bit easier, it was very stressful. The secure way that they do business to where our customer base, our vendors, everybody was paid off, it was very uncertain there for a while, but they definitely helped us close a chapter in our lives that was not necessarily the best. It could have been a lot worse. I thank PFP for helping us go through that.